Limited Edition Summer Pastures Candle

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Summer Pastures
Take a breath as you light this candle, close your eyes and imagine you are frolicking in a field of lush green grass - Summer pastures. A hint of lavender in the air, the clean crisp water winding down the valley river past mossy rocks with a slight hint of sage after a fresh sprinkle of rain. Whistle & Pop together with House of Wick bring this fragrant, dewy, calming scent to your living room. To be enjoyed by country and urban folk alike.
This amazing candle is in collaboration with a local business called House of Wick based in Twizel, NZ.
Robyn has put together the most stunning flirty scent of grass, lavender, bergamot, cucumber and much more to give it its crispy punch.
This candle is the ultimate smell of the fresh country air.
We love working with other small local businesses to come up with new amazing things..