About Whistle & Pop


It all started with a silver dog whistle.

We’re not so bold as to claim that we invented the dog whistle. Lord knows that was a farming staple long before we started putting it on a chain and making jewellery out of it! But when our founder, Bex Hayman, moved to her new husband’s farm and gifted him a silver dog whistle instead of the traditional ring - it sparked something. An idea.
Sophisticated jewellery with a rural twist. Pieces for those who grew up on a farm, or maybe spent summers there with family and friends. Something for those that know how these places awaken the senses; the sights, smells and sounds of rolling hills, animals and the feeling of absolute freedom. An epic sense of familiarity that pulls one right back to a time in the past, perhaps a simpler time.

For those who can’t picture themselves anywhere else or for those who have left the countryside, but always keep it dear; Whistle & Pop captures the essence of country living in every piece of jewellery, so that it may be kept close to you; a gentle reminder of home.This is Whistle & Pop. Classic and timeless pieces inspired by the cornerstones of the country; from massive remote landscapes to small everyday objects unique to our lifestyle. With rural communities always in mind and through local creative collaboration, Whistle & Pop draws on old nostalgia to create practical accessories with a rural twist.




At its heart, Whistle & Pop is a design company. In order to maintain the integrity and individuality of our products, we do not engage in mass production. We are proud that every Whistle & Pop collection is small batch.


Quality matters. For our jewellery, we only use the finest high-quality metals, as well as natural fabrics for our accessories.


We work very closely with our makers in New Zealand and maintain a strong relationship with our overseas partners in China, who we speak with nearly everyday. We are very intentional when choosing manufacturing companies, ensuring alignment with all Whistle & Pop values and mission.

Design process

Design process


In New Zealand, our rural regions are rich in culture and pride. The people who make their living in these beautiful and expansive spaces are hard-working, classic Kiwis who define “salt-of-the-earth”. Every one of our designs is inspired by them and their life’s work.


Most Whistle & Pop collections are spearheaded and designed by our founder Bex Hayman from the family farm. Often, our diverse collections of jewellery and accessories are designed or crafted in collaboration with local New Zealand-based designers.


After reaching design approval, samples are produced and our founder, Bex, tests each piece to assess its fit, durability, and adherence to her vision for a perfect everyday jewelry item.


From there we then approve the sample or adjust as needed before sending our final design to our skilled jewelers. We prioritize small batch orders and constantly refresh our designs to maintain our unique boutique store vision.


Upon receipt of our stock, we store it at our headquarters in the Hakataramea Valley and our Christchurch base, awaiting your order. Items are packaged in our beautifully designed country-inspired packaging to evoke a countryside experience upon opening.

  • Sterling Silver

    Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, with the remaining 7.5% composed of other metals (like copper) which makes our jewellery more durable and less likely to scratch or bend. Many of our Whistle & Pop pieces are available in regular sterling silver, as well as gold ion-plated sterling silver. Differing from traditional gold plating, gold ion-plated sterling silver is far more resistant to wear. The coating can be up to ten times thicker than conventional gold plating, making for better resilience against the likes of sweat, dirt and other corrosive materials.

  • Silk

    Silk is known for its smooth, soft, and luxurious feel, providing timeless sophistication to any accessory. Being a natural fabric, it is also highly breathable and hypoallergenic, ensuring comfort in all climates. Despite its elegant appearance, silk is surprisingly durable and can withstand regular wear, making it a wise investment for long-lasting accessories.

  • wool

    Another natural fibre, wool comes with a multitude of benefits, including superior warmth while maintaining incredible breathability, moisture-wicking properties, odour resistance, natural elasticity and superior durability. Wool is both practical and exudes a timeless aesthetic.


The idea for every Whistle & Pop piece is born from our founder’s farm in the hills of Hakataramea Valley. This way of life breathes sustainability, not just through our business but also in our farming operations. It is the mark of rural folk to hold our land in good stead for future generations and Whistle & Pop hold these same values when it comes to protecting our planet as a whole.

Our packaging is made from all-natural materials and can always be repurposed for future use, while all our materials are ethically-sourced; from pearls of freshwater mussels to wool from Australia.

We are proud to maintain brilliant, honest relationships with our three family-owned overseas product manufacturers, ensuring that every W&P piece is ethically and sustainably-sourced. We also stick by our sustainable guidelines by producing only small batch inventory of each design.

Finally, we take much pride in supporting local communities and rural areas as much as we can. And with our HQ based on the farm, there’s no commute required to get to the office.

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