Wheat Pendant Necklace

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Wheat pendant bracelet

Sterling silver 45cm chain

This one is for all the copping farmings and contractors wives. Also it very smart on a pendant so we had to have it part of the collection. Its all about the cycle of the seasons and the cycle of life.  

We have created this pendant to honer the Wheat growers but to also symbolise a sign of Modesty

About Collection 

Inspired by everything country these sterling silver pendants are super unique, quaint little keepsakes that sit in unison along side each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re a contract milker, sheep farmer, Cropping contractor or just love dogs there is something for everyone in each range.  Each pendant features a branded stamp into the silver with individual symbols. We want you to choose your pendant to best represent you and your life story. We hope you love them so much you want to collect the whole range over time.

These gorgeous designs will lend talismanic charm to any bracelet or necklace.


10mm wide solid sterling silver

3mm thick

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