308 Bullet earrings
308 Bullet earrings
308 Bullet earrings

308 Bullet earrings

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Sterling silver Bullet stud earrings

All Whistle & Pop pieces are 925 sterling silver with Rhodium plating for an extra protection layer.  We understand our customers are predominantly rural people that are not only wearing them as statement piece's but for working dogs etc.

308 WINCHESTER bullet earring 


Why Is Rhodium So Great?

Rhodium is harder than both silver and gold, it also makes an excellent protective coat that shields jewellery from scratches. One of its greatest advantages is that it doesn’t tarnish and requires no particular cleaning procedures. Rhodium plating is also a good recommendation for customers who are allergic to silver, as it will protect them from direct contact.





Designed in The Hakataramea Valley New Zealand //custom made for W&P overseas